Lace Fencing - The Future Of Chain Link?

Directory Of professional contractors - Advice, Tips, Helpful Blogs - . There are many different types of locations - both interior and exterior - where Lace Fence is currently in use, including but not limited to:. The wire mesh is securely clamped to a tubular frame. Lace Fence can be woven from both 11 and 12-1/2 gauge wires, either galvanized or vinyl coated ..More

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Industrial Wire Cloth - Heavy Gauge Woven Hardware Cloth

Directory listing of technicians - Homeowner Forum Pages - . In addition to regular steel, these specialized meshes can be made with any kind of metal that can be drawn into wire including stainless steel, brass, bronze, aluminum, and copper. They are often called industrial wire cloth and can be difficult to find and purchase. There are many different specifications of wire cloth available with heavier gauges and different mesh sizes ..More

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What Is A Turtle or Tortoise Fence?

Directory listing of commercial contractors - Talk To An Expert - Faqs - Message Board - . Do you think the expense is justified?. Maintenance, especially in areas of heavy snow, can be quite costly if the fence is damaged by snow plows. A turtle fence can be a costly project and is often a cause of debate ..More

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Kangaroo Rats - Controlling this Voracious Rodent using Hardware Cloth

Locate Nearby professional contractors - Support Services & Forum Pages - This is how they can devastate a garden so quickly because they don't take time to eat, they grab as much as they can and then come back for more. Before we consider how to stop them, let's take a moment to learn a little more about this interesting creature. They dig up seeds and clip off sprouts at their base. primarily and gets its name from its long hind legs and the way it sits on them, hoppingup to six feetin a single bound. But that's where the similarity to kangaroos ends. They have admirable kidney function which allows them to survive for long periods without water. They have largefur-lined expandable cheeks that they pack with food and then bring it back to a storage location for later consumption when there is none available. It inhabits the Southwestern U. . They like seeds the most, so they do the most damage during planting season. S. The exceptional characteristic that they possess is the ability to survive in the desert ..More

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