Forum Title: Acura Oil Consumption
My 2011 Acura TL has the J37 engine, which is notorious for burning oil. Acura recently sent out letters to owners stating they will perform a consumption test and replace the piston rings of there is excessive consumption, which is anything over 1 qt per 1,000 miles. Mine is definitely burning that much. My question is, what all should they do as part piston ring replacement? The J37 has nikasil liners. Can they be safely/effectively honed? Should I have the rod bearings or any other part replaced while they have the motor torn apart? I'm due for a timing belt, so I'll likely have that done. Do you think replacing the rings and honing the cylinders will be adequate (apparently Acura does), or should I press them to replace the entire block? They have done so for other owners, but that was before this letter was sent out. I'd hate to go through all the hassle just to start burning oil again, so I'm questioning whether I should just leave it alone and keep adding oil every 500 miles or so.
Category: fencing Post By: CAROLYN RAMIREZ (Dothan, AL), 02/18/2019

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